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CySEC decreases amount of the IQ Option fine

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The situation took place about 6 months ago, when the Cyprus financial regulator CySE issued the fine to IQ Option, famous binary options broker. One of the reasons was that company did not actually offer its clients the best possible result. But in January 2017 the part of fine that was referred to the client…

How is the stockbroker incorporated in the trader’s success story ?

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The king always owes his success to his mentors and advisors, the advisors who feed him all the information regarding a particular subject, offers him counsel, tells him ways to overcome a problem and strike gold at the perfect time. The stock broker does the same! Before we get into the mechanisms of how a…

Know how to trade successfully

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Knowing how the bull and the bear market works is very important before investing in it. It is not like playing lottery where you can’t control fate. Here are 5 rules to invest in the trading with success: Make a trading plan: Have a plan sketched down before hand on when you will enter and…

Dangers of online trading and the importance of choosing a trustable broker

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Online trading is very much “in” today. People from various parts of the world are now engaging themselves into online trading. However, online trading also has some dangers or potential threats associated with it. It is advisable to choose only trustable brokers so that the possibilities of such risk can be reduced. Here are some…

What is the future of globalization?

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The present age is an age of globalization. It has changed the whole scenario of global economy, global politics and much more. Globalization has far-reaching effects on human civilization in various aspects. But what is the future of globalization? With the increase in the pace of globalization, the leaders and communities will face new challenges…

Why trading with success is so hard?

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Trading is the most popular term involved in the financial markets! The trade market is more like an ocean, whereby the traders are mere surfers. It requires lot of talent, patience, attentive thoughts and timely decisions to win over the game. It is quite obvious that, traders always gravitate to make so much money and…


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