Month: September 2016

What is the future of globalization?

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The present age is an age of globalization. It has changed the whole scenario of global economy, global politics and much more. Globalization has far-reaching effects on human civilization in various aspects. But what is the future of globalization? With the increase in the pace of globalization, the leaders and communities will face new challenges…

Why trading with success is so hard?

Posted by in Financials

Trading is the most popular term involved in the financial markets! The trade market is more like an ocean, whereby the traders are mere surfers. It requires lot of talent, patience, attentive thoughts and timely decisions to win over the game. It is quite obvious that, traders always gravitate to make so much money and…

How trump will affect U.S.A economy if elected?

Posted by in Politic

As we all know, Donald Trump has already given his nomination for the President election that is about to take place. Now the controversy is – How US Economy will be affected if Trump has been chosen as the President in the election! With no doubt, the stocks will gravely drop-off when Trump takes in-charge…


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