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February 6, 2015 Previous

Meet Dustin Lancaster

Restaurateur, L&E Oyster, Bar Covell, El Condor + Soon-to-Be Hotelier, Hotel Covell

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  • 1

    Right now, I'm inspired by

    my girlfriend, jewelry designer Maya Brenner. In five words—elegant, honest, talented, patient, considerate. She radiates inspiration!

  • 2

    My piece of advice

    is to keep doing what you’re doing—just get there earlier and stay later.

  • 3

    Everyone should own

    really nice sheets.

  • 4

    On my playlist

    Sam Cooke, The Local Natives, Dean Martin

  • 5

    My cheap thrill

    is a dive bar, Coors Light and a football game.

  • 6

    My necessary luxury

    is good wine—always!

  • 7

    My favorite character

    is Larry David as Larry David.

  • 8

    I'd like to spend a day in the life of

    Elon Musk.

  • 9

    My favorite art pieces

    are Slim Aarons photographs and in general, oil paintings.

  • 10

    My next adventure

    is opening my first hotel—and then Positano, Italy.

Inspired by: My Girlfriend, Jewelry Designer Maya Brenner