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Trading is the most popular term involved in the financial markets! The trade market is more like an ocean, whereby the traders are mere surfers. It requires lot of talent, patience, attentive thoughts and timely decisions to win over the game. It is quite obvious that, traders always gravitate to make so much money and expect big fortune when it comes to trading. No matter whether you deal with forex market or stock market, the trades should be carefully maneuvered.

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Undoubtedly, trading is easy to learn but requires lot of attention though. Indeed, it is one of the best ways to earn big and become rich to save for your life time. You might have come across many people, who have not been successful in trading. What would be the reason behind this failure? There are so many factors involved. Let us go through one by one and examine why trading with success is so hard for some people:

  • Some traders unfortunately get stuck with the technological hick-up. They keep their trust and faith with some software that does not work really well. Remember, technology is the primary tool which has to be effective. You should know how to use the software and as well manage it better for making successful trading. Also try to avoid some scam brokers (particularly the ones based in Israel) which will make you lose!
  • It is always not recommended to trade with emotional or sentimental belief. Fix an amount that you can afford even if you lose the money. Hard losses could even come your way and you need to be strong enough to manage those hard times. Make your buying when the market is low and sell when the price goes higher.
  • Follow the winning strategies always. You need to make intelligent planning in order to win the trade market successfully. Have control in your money management, which entails that you should not trade more even if you get huge profits the same day. Fix your limits, no matter whether you win or lose the trade of that particular day.

Always be smart and proactive with your trading plans, as it is the fundamental key trait that helps you to win the trade market successfully.

As we all know, Donald Trump has already given his nomination for the President election that is about to take place. Now the controversy is – How US Economy will be affected if Trump has been chosen as the President in the election! With no doubt, the stocks will gravely drop-off when Trump takes in-charge of the President office. Moreover, the bond market will turn turtle if he considers about renegotiating the national debt!


A key role

On the other hand, when considering Hillary Clinton taking charge of the President house, the economy will incredibly go high by elevating the taxes to one trillion dollars. The US economy will take a new face with another look, when Donald Trump takes in-charge of the White House.

Being the most riveting competent in this President Election, Trump has made different promises and many Americans even believe that Trump could be the great choice for the economic changeover. There is no big change among the ratings given to both Trump and Clinton with respect to the economic issues. As a general scrutiny, Trump’s debt history is not convincing already because he had four bankruptcies in the business corporate for his high debt in the businesses. He cannot make any negotiations with the creditors and the Treasury rates will incredibly go up. On the other hand, if the treasury rates swing-up, corporate borrowing will tend to rise as well.

As per the statements described by the Global Integration, Trump’s economic aspiration is totally risky and dangerous. In the recent times, it has been greatly interpreted that Exports of commodity goods and services has been the driving source to accentuate the economical standards. How would the business will role-over when a wall is built along abrogate and southern border? Things would go terribly bad. It is expected that, if Trump keeps up at least half of his promises in action, it would definitely be a great thing that can at least save the trade and economy.


Tax cuts, retaliatory trade plans and reduced regulation are some of the incisive promises being made by Mr. Trump. All these will eventually boost-up the growth of the nation. Moreover in his recent statement, he has stated that his winning will give provide riches, opportunity and security to all the Americans who has trusted him. When examining in general, it is more likely stated that the economic progress will drop down to some extent when Mr. Trump takes the charge of the President office.




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